Why Craft Beer Is Sweeping the Nation

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Each and every year around the first week of February, the whole American football-watching world comes together to watch the 1 game that seems to matter the most. Along with the meeting of the minds would be the usual principles: chips, dip, meat and cheese products, and… craft beer?

Oddly enough, even though’The Big Game’ is full of commercials touting the greatness of some of the most recognizable beers on the planet, the craft beer explosion is sweeping the country in a way that has put the big beer players on notice. What once seemed like a little hobby that made some local sound is now a full-fledged movement with little to indicate a slow-down.

If you’re a beer drinker, you are probably partial to a specific brand. Maybe it’s a nostalgic quality to it, or maybe it just happens to be what’s cold most often in your fridge. Either way, you’re pretty much a one-brand sort of person. What could be so great about craft beer?

Growing Market Share – Nearly every year has revealed a significant gain in the profitability of craft beer in the United States. With increases hitting double-digits, it’s no surprise that a rookie brewer would want to strike while the iron is hot in the adult beverage market.

There’s A Beer for All Seasons – If you drink the usual beers, the taste is reliable at any given point during the year and at any location you drink it. Craft beers are unique in that they are made to work with the tastes of the season. For example, summer could be a shandy type of year while autumn may call for more barrel-aged fruit fermentation.

Celebrates Entrepreneurial Spirit – If there’s 1 thing that we celebrate in this country, it is when the little man with the big heart goes for it. Craft beer brewers are’the little guy’, doing their best to hang with the largest beer producers in the world. They work hard, pour their whole lives into making something they’re proud of, and if they make an honest buck out of it all, that’s something to hang their hat on.

The craft beer movement is more than just a whole lot of hipster dudes with beards who enjoy making beer at home. It’s about observing the things that make us love being our own boss, finding a feeling of fiscal peace for our family, and enjoying a good beer no matter what time of year it may be. It’s about seeing what is out there beyond the high-dollar commercial advertisements & flashy marketing. Craft beer is a party of the old world and its own simple ways while also embracing the excitement of experimentation for a new world of taste. So, as you sip on your same-old beer, then it may be time to rethink what refreshment is all about. Your taste buds will thank you.

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